TED Talks – A Revelation from a Nieve Developer

At Barcamp Sheffield I was introduced to the TED Talks and I feel obliged to spread the word, I can’t believe what I’ve been missing for so long. Credit and much thanks have to go to Pippa and Guy who were influential in opening my eyes to such a vast and disparate amount of content. So far I’ve watched 6, each one a revelation and deserving of a blog post in their own right (some of which are coming soon). I doubt this track record can continue but I sincerely hope it does.

Upon leaving university I believed I had the necessary education to be a good (possibly great!) software developer, how nieve and wrong I was. This realisation, made on my first project, led me to concentrate on becoming better, mainly by practice and lots of reading. Whilst this single minded obsession has led me to make significant progress, it has come at the cost of losing perspective. Why am I trying to become a good software developer?

Opening my mind again to wider interests is helping (I’m not done yet) me to become more balanced, to remember why I wanted to do this and to decide where I want to go. A completely unexpected side effect is that this wider perspective has also had a dramatically positive effect on my understanding of software development, who would have thought it was all about the people!

5 thoughts on “TED Talks – A Revelation from a Nieve Developer

  1. Josie

    They’re pretty much all amazing. We have TED Sundays sometimes and watch them on’t big telly. Welcome to the cult of TED.

    I now have two ambitions in life…
    1. Live in an earthship
    2. Give a TED talk

  2. marcj

    @Pippa – I only ended up watching one on the train, as I felt the need to blog about it – http://marcj.wordpress.com/2008/12/04/ted-talk-greening-the-ghetto-majora-carter/

    I have 111 of them downloaded and waiting for me, I think I’m going to watch another one in a minute.

    @Josie – It was very cool to watch them on the bigscreen at barcamp, so I bet TED Sundays are really good.

    Giving a TED talk would be fantastic, but I’m so in awe I don’t think I could.

  3. Jag Gill

    Glad you like them Marc

    One of the reasons for having them on the BarCamp Sheffield programme was to get a feel for what the reaction to them was.

    Part of the plans for regular events next year include Ted nights, which may or may not be part of the GeekUp schedule. We’ll see what happens …

  4. marcj

    Hi Jag,

    If you need some, I’ve got lots of them downloaded, more than welcome to do you a copy seen as there creative commons?

    I’d definitely be up for watching them socially, there great ways to start a debate.



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