To the Special People in my Life

This post is about a subject very close to my heart, and on this rare occasion it is not software development. This is an open letter of thanks to all of the special people in my life for their generosity, encouragement, feedback and support.

The source of inspiration for this post came from the three small, very personal and intimate weddings I’ve attended over the last year. Weddings are an especially emotional time for me, partly the occasion and partly the opportunity to consider the important things in my life, usually over a fine single malt whisky late in the evening.

At each one I felt blessed to have such good friends and to have been invited to something as important to them as their wedding. By no means are all of the special people in my life married, far from it in fact, it just so happens that the ones who are, tend to be married to equally special people (and so many of them seem to be getting married at the moment).

There have been a number of memorable events for me recently, all of which have been made that way because of the people who attended them. Of particular note are the ones whose circumstances take me by surprise, like the 30th birthday party of a close friend’s husband where I was one of the few of her friends to attend or the wedding I never thought I’d be invited to.

As most of my friends will know, I’m something of a social nomad, regularly moving between social groups. This makes it all the more surprising, that within each of these I’ve found a handful of people who have come to mean a great deal to me. That they graciously accept that I’m not always around, makes them all the more special. I can however offer them any and all support I can give, at the points in their lives when they need me, I endeavour to be close at hand at these times.

I want to thank each and every one of them for their patience, support, understanding and advice. I have made a fair few mistakes in my time, and whilst I never intend to, I have offended, upset, disappointed and let down each of them during our friendship. I’m lucky to have friends who can accept me for who I am and forgive, for I am still learning how to be the best person I can be.

I am especially grateful for the ones who’ve worked so hard at helping me understand my own value and to believe in my own self worth, something I have often found hard. Every single time, they rise to the challenge, pick me up and fill me with inspiration and confidence. Thank you, all, for your continued perseverance.

I’m sure I’ll be calling upon those same people (and others) to do the same again in the future. I hope each of them knows how special they are to me, if not, I will be doing my upmost to let them know the next time I see them.

This last year has led me to rediscover something I have always known, yet sometimes forget, which is that all I really want, is for those special people around me to be happy. It may seem obvious to many people, yet I feel the need to take this opportunity to say it. Everyone has special people in their lives, seek them out and enjoy spending time with them.

As always, I welcome any feedback.

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