Reading List

Essential Reading

  • The Goal, Goldratt, Eliyahu. M., Cox, Jeff
  • Personal Kanban, Barry, Tonianne DeMaria, Benson, Jim
  • Commitment, Matts, Chris, Maassen, Olav, Geary, Chris
  • Test Driven Development, Beck, Kent
  • Pragmatic Programmer, Hunt, Andrew, Thomas, David
  • Thinking Fast & Slow, Kahneman, Daniel
  • Decisive, Heath, Chip, Heath, Dan
  • The Mythical Man Month, Brooks, Frederik P.
  • Waltzing with Bears, DeMarco, Tom, Lister, Timothy
  • Growing Object-Oriented Software, guided by tests, Freeman, Steve, Pryce, Nat
  • Refactoring, Fowler, Martin
  • Domain Driven Design, Evans, Eric
  • Code Complete, McConnell, Steve

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